Flying Souls Institute of Healing is a Sanctuary for the Soul, a place of
healing that nurtures you to help you to achieve peace, balance,
enlightenment, happiness and belief in yourself.

Flying Souls

Staff Profiles


Karina. Director, Therapist, Teacher.

Meliae Intuitive Healing, Teacher.

As the founder of the Meliae Intuitive Healing modality, Karina is well placed to meet your total health and wellbeing needs. A medical intuitive, Karina is known for her work around empowerment, intuition, physical ailments, fertility and sexual abuse.

Meditation Classes

Guided meditation, soothing yet with a focus on healing and moving forward. Karina is passionate about teaching, and tops off your experience with a message from your Angel or Spirit Guide.


Karina has created over thirty workshops to empower you to live the life you dream of. With her focus upon living intuitively in a passionate and empowered way, you know you’ll be well cared for whilst transforming your life.




Alesa. Therapist.

Meliae Intuitive Healing, Animal Meliae Intuitive Healing. 

Alesa is a Meliae Intuitive Healer with a difference. She’s taken the plunge in between her roles at Flying Souls to travel intuitively through Australia and the USA. She knows the power of the intuition and how much it can do to create adventure, joy and passion in your world. She has a talent for working through issues in such a way that you walk out having been guided to find your own way. This is not to be underestimated, matched only by her ability to clear significant energetic blocks to bring you freedom, peace and love. Wellbeing and using outdoor adventure to heal are her passions. Kids love her cheekiness and willingness to stay enthusiastically childlike in her interactions with them. Alesa is also a very effective and passionate healer of animals at Flying Souls, in demand to heal both elite animals and family pets.





Di. Manager, Therapist.

Meliae Intuitive Healing.

Di (or Diane) is one of our most adaptable therapists. Not only does she love the results she can achieve with Meliae Intuitive Healing, she also manages the administration of the centre. With the most gentle and nurturing energy, she brings her experience of significantly changing her world through healing to empowering her clients to be the most brilliant version of who they are. Having found her own Soulmate, she loves to assist others onto a path of peaceful and harmonious relationships. She has three adult and teenage children and brings a gamut of experience to parents and kids alike. Having worked in almost all areas of Flying Souls, she brings such passion and enthusiasm to assisting you to bring the best of you into your journey to improve how you receive and experience your world.




Erica. Therapist, Teacher.

Meliae Intuitive Healing, Clairvoyant Readings, Meditation Classes.

Erica is a gem, with a talent for healing with sound, using her soul song with selected clients to bring even faster healing results. She is highly intuitive and is passionate about finding a way out of behaviours and beliefs that keep us stuck in outmoded or even damaging situations. She’s passionate and brings an enthusiasm and energy to every session, uplifting you to feel fabulous about your future, even if you are about to commence or face significant change. With a passion for children (she has 3 of her own), she has the experience to work both with children and parents needing assistance to find better ways of empowering and supporting their kids to become amazing. Teaching meditation was a natural evolvement for Erica as it enabled her yet another way of assisting clients to achieve peace in their day to day living. A popular clairvoyant and medium, she loves to assist our clients find peace with their past whilst creating fabulous in their future.



 Maree Milsom for web190x228

 Maree. Teacher.

 Meditation Classes. 

Maree has the softest, most relaxing and gentle voice, she will ease you into stillness regardless of whether your beginning or extending your meditation journey. Maree is a qualified kinesiologist and loves teaching meditation to her husband and children each week. Maree is passionate about learning and growing and being the best version of herself and bringing that to others.



 Trish Profile for web 190x228 2017

 Trish. Therapist.

Intuitive Massage Therapist, Clairvoyant Readings. 

Trish has a beautiful soft and soothing way, easing you into a deep state of relaxation, regardless of which treatment you choose. She intuitively tunes into your body and caters for what your body deserves, allowing a massage that feels healing and nurturing over and above what is already a fabulous signature treatment. There is a sense of safety when you’re around Trish, and it’s easy to relax and confidently embrace her ability to intuitively create an ease in both your body and outlook on life. Trish takes her caring to another level in utilising the Tarot cards to facilitate your Clairvoyant reading. Tarot cards are well known for assisting in self-improvement and evolvement, and Trish utilises them to really make a difference. She sees the truth of who you are and gets to the heart of the matters at hand. With a background in naturopathy and all things intuitive, she’s adept at assisting you toward the life you desire.



Angelica Profice for web 190x228 2017 


Healing Assistant/Receptionist.

Angelica has a lovely way of holding space for you, whether its assisting you in deciding which treatment is right for you, or caring for you once you’ve entered our centre. Angelica honours what is special in you: she has an innate way of making you feel relaxed and safe in the world. Her role in supporting our therapists and assisting clients with retail purchases creates opportunities for each and every client to walk away feeling nurtured and cared for.