Flying Souls Institute of Healing is a Sanctuary for the Soul, a place of
healing that nurtures you to help you to achieve peace, balance,
enlightenment, happiness and belief in yourself.

Flying Souls

Awakening Your Intuition

This workshop teaches you the language of your intuition through experience and opportunities. It creates space for you to embrace the ability to make great decisions every day.

Intuition is the pathway to communication with your own Soul. It is the ability to bring forth the wisdom of the soul into your everyday interactions.

Connecting to your intuition is like turning on a GPS navigation system to ensure you reach your destination quickly and efficiently. Your Intuitive GPS always takes into account your desire for the roads you wish to travel, how busy it will be and how much you wish to pay on the way.

Your intuition recognises you have a destination to reach eventually and works with you to ensure the journey (the most important part) is easy, fulfilling, and happy!

If like many in our community you have a ‘rusty', blocked or incomplete connection with your Soul, you probably feel a yearning for something wonderful, warm and loving. You may feel or be told by others that you've got a ‘special something', ‘good vibes' or that you could be ‘psychic'. You may even experience psychic dreams, visions, see spirits or feel energy.

Perhaps you know things without being told or who's calling before you answer the phone. You may also experience indecisiveness, difficulty, cash flow issues, ill health, excess weight, weakness, depression and repeating life patterns. These can all be symptoms of a restricted intuitive connection.

The purpose of this workshop is assist you to embrace the fears you may experience about using your intuitive gifts, whilst providing a nurturing and safe experience to explore just how your intuition works for you.



· Empowering knowledge and techniques to explore your intuition and learn how to use it.
· How to ensure your intuitive input is clear, true and heart based...working in the light
· Explore Chakras, Angels, Spirits, Protection, Crystals, Meditation
· How to give a reading, learning skills to intuit others whilst opening your heart, learning to give and receive.
· You will receive a workbook to take home
· Constant Meliae Intuitive Healings throughout the weekend to ensure any transition is a peaceful one
Duration: 2 Full days