Flying Souls Institute of Healing is a Sanctuary for the Soul, a place of
healing that nurtures you to help you to achieve peace, balance,
enlightenment, happiness and belief in yourself.

Flying Souls

Meliae Intuitive Healing Course

More than ten years ago; Karina found the healings she gave ‘Intuitively’, produced far greater results than when she followed the healing modalities she had been taught by her earthly teachers.

Her deep connection with the Spiritual Healers meant that soon many of her clients were yearning to learn how she worked, so that they too could produce profound healings for others. Meliae Intuitive was then created and is now IICT Accredited.

Meliae Intuitive Healing is a beautiful, nurturing and healing workshop; both in the healing you will learn, as well as what you will receive. It allows you to have direct connection with spirit, guiding you to perform love & light filled, unlimited healing in an intuitive way for the highest growth of others.

Are you the next Graduate of Meliae Intuitive Healing?

We hope so!

During this life changing two day course; you will learn about:

Meliae Intuitive Healing and its ability to heal issues at their core

· Anatomy and Physiology of the body,

· Chakras and Meridians,

· Sacred Space,

· Tools of Healing,

· Karma,

· Etheric Cords,

· Psychic Attack,

· Negative Energies,

· Auric Damage,

· Advanced techniques,

· Side effects,

· Managing clients with special needs,

· Patterning & Needs,

· Ethics,

· Burnout, Healing Children & Pregnancy.


What to expect:

· Pre-reading,

· 2 intensive & comprehensive days of demonstration, participation and practice

· Meliae Intuitive Healing Theory

· A follow up evening to cover all your questions and equip you to be an ‘Intuitive Healer’.

This 2 day course requires no former healing experience, just a big desire to help others.