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Finding and Embracing ‘Soulmate Love’

Are you lacking in love? Do you sit and wonder where the ‘happy ever after' ending went? Are you one sitting alone, or worse in a relationship that doesn't ‘feed’ the love requirements of your soul?

Have you wondered whether there is a partner out there who is your ‘Soulmate'?

Did you imagine that a ‘Soulmate' was a mystical and untouchable something that you'd never experience. A fairytale? A myth?

Or did the relationship you entered with such high hopes never achieve the pinnacles of love and communication you dreamed of?

Well get ready for a fast ride! All that will change once you allow the mystical journey toward finding or reaching the Soulmate love with another.

This unique course is an experiential journey within to find and address those aspects of ‘you' which might be blocking true love coming your way. Perhaps you feel deep down that you don't deserve it? Perhaps your heart is closed from a past trauma?


What can I expect:

There are so many reasons that stop love from being drawn to you, and none of them need to stay! Learn about different types of love and how they speak to you. Over two 3.5hr sessions, approximately 4-6 weeks apart, you'll explore what you can change to attract true love to you.

Will it be a new love or igniting it in your current relationship? During this life changing workshop you will receive a special gift of love with Karina Godwin’s double CD, ‘Finding & Embracing ‘Soulmate Love', to continue your transition at home.




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