Flying Souls Institute of Healing is a Sanctuary for the Soul, a place of
healing that nurtures you to help you to achieve peace, balance,
enlightenment, happiness and belief in yourself.

Flying Souls

Meliae Intuitive Healing Treatment

Meliae: to change, to make better

Meliae Intuitive Healing is a modality of energy healing; which eases illness, pain and suffering in the Body, Mind or Spirit caused by poor flowing or stuck energy. During the 60min session, your Meliae Intuitive Healer channels light-filled healing energy through their hands, into your body and its energy. It can feel warm, tingly or bring a sense of calm. Releasing energy blockages, and returning your body and mind into a state of wellbeing feels warm and nurturing at Flying Souls.

The balance of flow of the energy in your body is sensitive, and can easily get stuck and blocked. If this remains unaddressed, it eventually evolves into emotional issues, disease or difficulty in your relationships. Energy blocks occur because at some stage in your life, perhaps as a child, an emotional hurt or trauma was too much for you to deal with, perhaps you didn’t know how. Your Meliae Intuitive Healer gently finds and clears those experiences through the blockages, allowing your experience of life to be happier and healthier, as harmony and peace return.

What will happen during my Meliae Intuitive Healing?


Is about creating a sense of wellbeing, peace and contentment. It’s about walking away feeling lighter, empowered and positive, ready to create the changes required for a happier and more contented life.


Within the healing, you’re cocooned on a comfy healing table under a blanket and surrounded by loving, healing energy. This healing energy is what does all of the work, easing out all that has made you feel stressed, unhappy or created struggle or difficulty in your life. You’ll get the opportunity to lay quietly or to talk about things if you’d like, to create a new sense of clarity and an openness to new insights upon how to move forward more successfully. It’s about opening up to your inner wisdom, reconnecting to your dreams and rearranging how you’re thinking and behaving: all with the aim of believing in and having a much better experience of life.


Clothes stay on during your healing session, but you can expect to take off the layers you’ve held onto from past hurts, betrayals, embarrassment and disappointment. No longer carrying the weight of your ‘stuff’ brings a lightness that almost has you skipping out of the room, positive and hopeful for better things to come

Child Healing

Meliae Intuitive Healing is also suitable for children often taking way less time than an adult. Child healings are age appropriate, with them being lots of fun. Your Meliae Intuitive Healer is passionate about working with children and will work to create a sense of calm whilst releasing the energy blockages which are creating unease or difficulty in some aspect of the child’s life or physicality. You’ll find them discussing the latest music, movies and trends appropriate to the age of the child or teen amongst the issues they’re experiencing.

Seeking a Meliae Intuititve Healing for a child could be for almost anything, but we commonly see sleeping difficulties, jealousy or behavioural problems, bed wetting, anxiety, bullying and difficulties at school. Meliae Intuitive Healings also work to ease physical or relationship issues.

Children will be offered a range of options to ensure they feel comfortable and confident during their healing and that they are able to fully release. Parents will be given a summary of the healing if they are not present.

The confidentiality of the child; particularly our teens must be respected to ensure they are open and free to heal what it is blocking their happiness. Obtaining the trust of the child is paramount and healings are based upon the individual needs of each child.

Option for children and parents are:

· The parent stays in the treatment room for the entire healing

· The parent waits in the waiting area, calling him/her if needed at anytime

· The parent starts in the treatment room and can be “kicked out” later if the child wants and it’s the only time they can do that! (we ask Parent if that’s OK).