Flying Souls Institute of Healing is a Sanctuary for the Soul, a place of
healing that nurtures you to help you to achieve peace, balance,
enlightenment, happiness and belief in yourself.

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After Your Healing

After Your Meliae Intuitive Healing 


Congratulations on choosing a Meliae Intuitive Healing, quite an unusual and interesting experience. We’d like to explain a few things to help you feel comfortable. 


Firstly, all of our Meliae Intuitive Healers are very gifted and are experienced in getting the best possible results for you throughout your session. 


Your Meliae Intuitive Healer clears all blockages ready for release and rebalances your energies during the treatment . Their ability to go to the source, to heal the core issue is the key, and you will notice conflicts will fall away almost immediately. 


The effect this healing has on the rest of your body will be profound, with amazingly positive outcomes. As you clear one blockage, this will energetically flow through your body and impact your whole life, and your perceptions on the world will also begin to change. 


Most people feel great after a healing, however others may take a little longer to feel the positive results. Integration of your healing will take 4-6 weeks, through- out which you will continue to clear & shift energy, and emotions & attitudes will continue to change. 


When your energetic system is unbalanced or blocked in any way, this will be reflected within your body. When a block is released, there will be a physical release of toxins. The body has an amazing ability to remove them, to assist in feeling better: 


  •           Hydrate your body! We recommend 2-3 litres/day of water for 4-5 days, unless you are on a medically  
  •           ordered fluid restriction. 
  •           Avoid alcohol for 24 hours, as your energy is very sensitive to toxins. 
  •           Allow lots of rest to allow your body to integrate the changes. 
  •           Go easy on yourself emotionally, you could be a bit up and down. 
  •           Be positive!!! Positive thoughts make you a magnet for positive experiences. 
  •  Side effects of the healing, will reflect the changing energy of your body. These could include nausea, headaches, bowel changes or disturbances, lethargy, and emotional highs and/or lows. When healing occurs of physical ailments, you may find that your symptoms get worse before they get better, and this can be true of your emotional state as well. You should notice improvements within a week. 
  •  Meliae Intuitive Healing gives you the opportunity to change the way you react and feel about your life, don’t be surprised if something pops up to test that, it’s a great opportunity to create and put into action new ways of living. 
  • If you find you are persistently not feeling well, despite sleep, please feel free to call us, as often these things can be cleared up quickly over the phone. Questions which have come up since may be clarified in your next session. 
  • Be gentle with yourself and allow your body to adjust to the changes.