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After Your Retreat

After Your Retreat ...Tips for great results

Congratulations on completing your retreat!  Your retreat and all that you’ve experienced throughout the course of your time with us has created great potential for change. To support you to ease through those changes, we’d like to make some suggestions.

Your retreat was created to pull you out of the ways that were not supporting your happiness, health and wellbeing. Retreats offered by Karina Godwin through the Flying Souls Institute of Healing have a healing function, their purpose is to help you release the old ways and to embrace the new.  


When you return home, you’ll have the opportunity to declare all old beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that do not serve you are now on notice. One by one, you can now see more clearly where they’re not working and how they could change. Perhaps you have new ideas or plans already or perhaps they’re popping into your head as you face the old outdated ways. Whilst change is good, it can at times be very confronting, so be gentle with yourself. You have time, and can literally make one change at a time and stay with just that change until you’re ready to do the next one if you need to. THE GREATEST RESULTS COME FROM THOSE WHO WORK IT!


You may have received Young Living essential oils for support during your workshop. They’ve been chosen for their organic and additive free purity and high vibration. The vibration of the essential oil chosen for you will have assisted you to either release old and stuck emotions or attitudes or balanced you through a challenging time. Should you wish to experience Young Living Oils in the future, please enquire through the Flying Souls Institute of Healing.


Each experience, exercise and meditation has been created to help you shift out of the old and meld more easily into the new. Both your mind and body have been through many changes and your new energy will reflect that. They are healing in nature and can sometimes result in mild side effects, some of which are great. Expect to be tired and emotional at times as you settle into your new way of being. You may feel a headache or some nausea, mostly due to toxin release as your old ways and emotions are released. Usually a healthy intake of water and some time out will prevent these outcomes. 


Should you at any time feel concerned or anxious about how you’re feeling post your retreat, please contact us straight away. You might find you’d like to continue your healing journey and evolve even further through Meliae Intuitive Healing. We can offer healings in person, over the phone or via skype. Please contact us to make a time.


The greatest difficulty that you’re likely to experience is that you’ve made these huge changes in your beliefs and attitude and you’ve created this fabulous willingness to change the way you’ve been living. Alas those around you have not been so fortunate. It’ll take time to ease them through those changes and sometimes you’ll meet resistance. In just the same way that making the changes was hard before you came, it’s tricky for them to get used to it. Rest assured, they’ll get used to quickly enough. Be gentle and firm. And mindful that whilst it may not suit everyone for you to change, there is not a chance that you’re going to have invested so much time, money and effort in yourself and then waste it. Humour can be of help J


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