Flying Souls Institute of Healing is a Sanctuary for the Soul, a place of
healing that nurtures you to help you to achieve peace, balance,
enlightenment, happiness and belief in yourself.

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Meliae Intuitive Healings

Hi Karina, I wanted to drop you a line to say Hi and thank you for everything you have done to help me reach this level of fulfilment in my life. Words can't express my gratitude for your love, support, encouragement and belief in me. While I know this is my journey and yes I am ready for it, and as you say you are the conduit for the healing, but there is something that you give to people that is absolutely amazing!

I have done several healings - which I might add feels so natural and as if I have been doing them for centuries (and yes I probably have!). I have worked with people who have been sexually abused, worked with a child

who is psychic, worked with other healers. And of course, each healing has been different from the one before. You know if I never did anything else with my life other than doing the healings I would be completely fulfilled!

I know that I will reach even greater levels of fulfilment and that I have an incredibly wonderful life ahead which I feel so very blessed to receive. My love and blessings.

— Julie xoxox, Bendigo


Hi, Just a short note to say a big THANK YOU for clearing my son slept straight through the night last night....a first in over 18 months!!!!...

I woke up and didn't know what hit me!...not having to go in and settle him 3 or 4 times a night!!!! again... thank you so much....You’re an Angel!!! :)

— Kerry, Melbourne