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Target Pure Joy

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Target > Pure Joy

For a Life you’ll Love

Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia October 15 - 19, 2018 







Our destination: World Heritage listed Fraser Island... the largest sand island in the world. The only place in the world where tall rainforests grow out of the sand dunes. With pristine clear waters on white sandy beaches, multiple shipwrecks, and 72 different coloured sands, this is a place like no other!

An incredible experience to reset your life to Joy! Fraser Island has an energy that is so pure that it is like drinking in life. Which makes it the perfect environment to heal all that which has taken you away from a life you love, and from the person you truly are. Discover that Joy has been lying dormant inside you, just waiting for an opportunity like this to reconnect you to the life you dream of.

Awaken the energy inside you which underpins your happiness, love, abundance, health and wellbeing and use it to realign your life with one you can’t wait to start living.

Life has a way of destroying happiness. Whether it’s the opinions and judgements of others, your failures mixed with rejection and betrayal or just being too busy to notice there’s more to life than what you’ve been living, there’s never been a better time to reconnect into a life you’ll love living. You’ll wake up happy, looking forward to what each day could bring, knowing that life need not get the better of you ever again.

Immerse yourself in 5 days with Karina Godwin on Fraser Island and allow her to share her success in transforming her own and the lives of others from sadness by learning how to target Joy. With the insight, understanding and realistic and practical tools to take home, you’ll not only be creating and furthering your transformation, you’ll be living a life where Joy lives through you. You’ll attract people and opportunities that make every day one that feeds your Soul, where life is worth waking up for.

Are you ready? Just how good can life get? Hold onto your hat, you’re about to start a ride that will have you not only never looking back, but one you’ll never want to go back to.


  •  5 days of Immersion with the brilliant Karina Godwin as your facilitator
  •  Skills, techniques and knowledge to make your own transformation and own it!
  • Full day adventure tour of Fraser Island including lunch
  • Half Day Whale watching tour
  • Joyful Presents
  • Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea Tuesday - Friday



o Accommodation and travel to the venue
o (please note we recommend you stay onsite or close by and special rates apply)

o Meals not specified above
o Optional at-cost activities (details available at venue website)


A Taste of your Experience

Monday:8.00am -4.30pm Happiness vs Joy

We seek happiness through the events, people and possessions in life, yet it’s fleeting. Understanding that Joy is something deeper, innate inside you.

Tuesday:8.00am -4.30pm Addressing the Sadness

Identifying and letting go of all that created the sadness in your world, is like losing a thousand pounds of misery! Mastering fear and finding the real you.

Wednesday:8.00am -4.30pm Full Day Adventure Tour, exploring Fraser Island for Joy!

Lake McKenzie, gorgeous Rainforest, 75 Mile Beach highway, Maheno shipwreck, Coloured sands of the Pinnacles, Eli Creek and more.

Thursday:7.30am -Noon Whale Watching Tour: 

                open your Heart to Joy experiencing Whale Song

                1.00pm -2.00pm Lunch @ the venue together (included)

                2.00pm -6.00pm Finding & Supporting You

Finding Joy can only occur when you manage the balance of the demands on you. Connecting to all that makes you beautiful and amazing.

Friday:8.00am -4.30pm Target > Pure Joy

Open your heart to Joy and then learn how to connect to this innate energy inside you. Discover Joy, find kindness and create a whole new way of living.

Fraser Island is an island like no other. We will be exploring it’s most famous and desired locations but there are opportunities to see more. Whilst our days are very full, if you’d like to see and experience more, we suggest you add extra time to your trip and look to the resort website for other activities.

What others have said of their Experience:

I am alive, I am present and I am not going back to the old me. I don’t even know who she is or where to find her.


You’ll be going “My God I’ve got a brand-new life; I’ve got a brand-new attitude and I’m loving my life.”


It’s given me insights into who I am and what I want to be and how I want to live my life going forth from today.


I don’t know how more to express how amazing it was and the transformation internally that I feel and I know that if I fall off track a little bit, there’s some amazing support for me if I need to tap into it.


No matter who you are, where you come from, no matter what you’ve done in life, to come here, to find yourselves, to start to love yourselves and to make the change for the rest of your life.


I cannot recommend this week to other people enough. Even if you don’t know what it’s going to bring to you, take a chance, give it a go, see how amazing your life can be!




BOOK NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT: enrolments are taken in order of arrival. Bookings are confirmed, on availability when full payment receive.

Existing Client $1850

Full Price: $2000



One of the most incredible and pristine locations in the world. This is a memorable location and one not to be missed, especially when combined with the unique learning and transformation available from the retreat. Don’t forget your swimwear, hat & sunscreen.
Kingfisher Bay Resort

Kingfisher Bay, Fraser Island QLD 4581

Phone: Aust Toll Free 1800 678344 (International: +61741203333)


Accommodation Options:

We recommend you retreat to Kingfisher Bay Resort for your Target Pure Joy Retreat accommodation. It certainly adds to the experience! We have negotiated some super deals onsite.
Please note that we recommend you book early to receive your preferred room. You will receive accommodation details and booking instructions for this deal when you book the Retreat.

Our negotiated Retreat accommodation rates are from $162 per room or $203 for a 2BR Villa. All rooms include free internet and breakfast and we are able to extend these rates 2 nights prior to and 2 nights after the retreat to enable you to extend your stay. Camping is also a possibility.


How to Get There:

Hervey Bay is the closest airport to access Fraser Island and flights can be found through either Virgin or Qantas airlines via Sydney or Brisbane from all capital cities.
Fraser Island is serviced by six ferry return services from River Heads, Hervey Bay per day. Ferry transfers are 50 minutes across the gorgeous ocean to approach this incredible location. It’s a treat for the eyes.

Ferry transfers and porterage can be organised at the time of booking your accommodation at Kingfisher Bay Resort from either the ferry or pier. Choose from below (including 2 x 25kg bags). It is possible, but not necessary to hire a 4WD for your transfers, but please note below fees apply for ferry & parking. Fraser Island is a sand island and thus restricted to 4WD vehicles, ensure you understand tides and driving conditions for your own safety.


Depart River Head                                                                $20 per person

Airport Pick up & Ferry Transfers                                     $35 per person Usually $60

Return Airport Transfer (from Hervey Bay Airport)    $175 per vehicle (including Driver on Additional vehicle passenger $5 per person

Secure parking at River Heads Reception.                      $20 per day (per vehicle)


Depart River Heads                         06.45  0900   1230   1530  1800

Depart Kingfisher Bay Resort        0750   1030    1400   1700   2030

Ferry times correct at time of printing.


Contact Us:

Terms & Conditions:

Retreat attendance is required for the specified time, if you cannot commit to attending all sessions, we suggest you book a retreat where you can. Retreats are created with a cumulative effect of teaching, to ensure the full results.
We recommend you book flexible flights & accommodation as all retreats are subject to minimum numbers and may be rescheduled should this quota not be met. We will not be held responsible or liable for any penalties or financial disadvantage that you may incur as part of any cancellation. Retreat enrolment fees are non-refundable, but may be transferable at the discretions of Karina Godwin. Discount vouchers are applicable strictly to the price point and time limits of the voucher and are single use. Early-bird rates apply strictly to the dates specified, existing client rates apply. Retreat numbers are limited; your enrolment is confirmed only by payment in full.


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